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ArtSee believes that all artists are their own small business, one that should thrive. But how do you manage that small business while creating a masterpiece? 

We work with artists of all mediums to manage their portfolio, submissions, exhibitions, and the promotion of their work. Our goal is to give artists time to focus on their work while we take care of the rest. 


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portfolio management

when you are looking at your own work it is often hard to see it objectively. it can be hard to pull together a cohesive body of work to submit for an exhibition, organize for inclusion on your website, write a statement about or just generally get organized. creating projects sheets, organizing galleries and images of work and giving feedback on your body of work is all part of this service. we hope to work with you to organize your bodies of work to better present to various audiences. 


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digital marketing

keeping up with the ever demanding and changing online presence of an artist to reach their widest audience can be difficult. we work with artists to develop, create manage, and curate social media platforms and website. we will work with you on everything from photographing your work to creating content to managing this day to day to occasional edits and updates on social platforms and websites.  

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if you are an active artist submitting for frequent shows, grants, and more, artsee will work with you to generate a list of submissions, gather materials, and submit. submissions are crucial to an artists success, finding the right one can be hard and then gathering the appropriate materials for each submission can be tedious and often hard and an objective opinion can be helpful. we want to help to put your best work forward for these.

pricing for these services are available by the hour and monthly rates

please inquire for a custom quote to fit your needs