Will You Be My Valentine? "Knock It Off"

If you are looking for somewhere interesting and artistic to take a date on Valentine's Day, check out Artisphere in Rossyln. Artisphere claims to be "where people and art collide" and hosts gallery space in addition to its main function as a performance art venue. There are currently five mini-shows at Artisphere that are very distinct and a pleasure to peruse. 

The featured image is from the the show "#COPING" by artist Claire Briggs. The show displays colorful crocheted quilts of various sizes with everyday expressions woven into them. The show is very tongue-and-cheek and incorporates very popular phrases that can be used casually but have strong impacts. The cheery colors of the weavings such as pale pink and sunny yellow are in direct contrast with the words interwoven, in this case, "BITCHES BE CRAZY." The show plays a lot with the common linguistics of our time and is sure to entertain the viewer while also prodding the viewer to think about the language they use. Do these supposed words of wisdom belong on the grandma's quilts of the future? Visit "#COPING" and decide. 


The visual arts programming at Artisphere also features an artist in residence series in their art studio. The opportunity to see an artist working is unique and hard to find in traditional small galleries. The current artist working and performing is Emily Francisco. Her piece in progress is "May I Have The Piano Delivered To You?" in which Francisco desires to reassemble pieces of a deconstructed antique baby grand piano into new performance and sculptural forms. Francisco's aim is to recreate the piano while maintaing its history magnitude as a whole. The chance to take a glimpse at the creative process of an aspiring artist is very intriguing and you may even find yourself getting increasingly invested in the work and the direction the project is currently going in or a even a new way you envision.

 Check out the rest of the arts programming at Artisphere here.

Also if you wish to continue your Valentine's Day at Artisphere, catch a screening of the beautiful and witty French Film Amelie, find all the details at Artisphere Film & New Media.

Bringing the Art in DC to You,

Mica Hartman  

Image courtesy of  http://www.artisphere.com/