victoria greising

Compare and Contrast: Victoria Greising and Forest Z. Allread

            In two recent exhibits, local artist Victoria Greising and Forest Z. Allread showed similar styles as they opened at two different galleries. Greising opened at Project 4 gallery in the show Adaptation on February 15th, 2013; less than a month earlier, Allread opened in the Transformer DC solo show on January 19th, 2013.

            Both shows featured 3D works involving string and different knots, creating woven shapes reminiscent of a bird’s nest. Also, both pieces were created with colorful strings. The different colors lead the views eyes in every which way, eventually scanning the entirety of the works.

            While Allread and Greising used similar materials and both created abstract 3D art that was able to embody multiple dimensions of the galleries (the pieces being hung to the walls and ceiling, then further extending into the rest of the space), the works show fundamental differences, which help create a personal signature of each artist.

            Greisling created a larger than life web that wrapped around an entire corner of the Project 4 Gallery. There seemed to be a weightlessness to it as it hung from the walls and ceiling, as if a giant spider had been able to mount the colorful yarn to the walls that form the gallery. Looking at Greisling’s work speculation on what the piece means may play into its artistic signature. Do you remember every playing the ice-breaker in elementary school where each students throw the yarn to one another and in the end the teacher explains how everyone is connected? That is what Greisling’s art symbolized to me: the connection between all things and how those connections, that tangles us together, also hold us up and create our world.

            Allread’s piece told me another story, the value of support when attempting to achieve a great feet. He used yarn and string to hold together different milk crates, some of the threads branched off to walls or ceilings as if necessary to hold to work up. This work differs greatly from Greisling’s, due to the fact that it is entangled with multiple materials, where as Greisling’s is free floating and part of the beauty of it is the fact that it is one material.

            The fact that these shows were going on slightly in overlap helps elaborate the unique-nesses of these artist that upon first glance seem so similar.


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