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How to Create an Inspirational Studio Space

            For an artist, a studio space is crucial for producing their work and storing materials. There are a few key things to look for when trying to find the right studio space: first, even if the budget to afford a separate space is not possible, then look inside the walls of your own home, even if that means analyzing a small studio apartment. Find a well-lit wall or corner and create one location with all of your materials.

            If you are fortunate enough to have a budget that allows you to afford a separate studio space, try and find a space with plenty of windows allowing natural light, if this is not possible, buying the proper lighting will be important to create an area to work in. The space should also be functional for whatever medium is used (so, if you do ceramics, have space for a table and pottery wheel. If you are a painter have room for canvases and easels).

            Once the perfect space (or at least a space) is obtained it is time to fill it with what inspires you. Truly, this step is very dependent on an individual: for some the perfect space that would be inspirational is simple clean white walls allowing, other may like to hang inspiration boards. An inspiration board can be take form in a variety of ways. An easy way to make one is to use bulletin boards and then pin works, sketches, materials up, this could help form new ideas or help a work in progress. A studio space could also allow you to hang or leave pieces that you are uncertain of the direction they are headed or whether or not they are finished. This space would be a place to display unfinished works and see if they appeal to the artist before deciding on the next step. Having an area like this could be a great help to an artist’s work and creative process.

So, when putting together your own studio space remember:

  • Functionality: do you have enough space to create?
  • Storage
  • Proper lighting
  • Inspirational decorations: such as bulletin boards, space to hang your work or other inspirational pieces, and/or blank walls to clear your mind.

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