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Kimberly Iles Exhibits “Multiverse” at Vastu

(Photo courtesy of Kimberly Iles)

Now through September 23, 2012, works by local artist, Kimberly Iles, are on display at the 14th Street contemporary furnishing store, Vastu.

Iles’ current exhibit, “Multiverse,” explores the concept of multiple realities and parallel universes. 

“It’s a vey exciting time to be alive,” said Iles, who is inspired by science and has a background in designing graphics for government sponsored science education projects. “And a very exciting time to blend the two unlikely worlds of art and science.”

After graduating from college with a degree in Fine Arts, Iles eventually established her own graphic design company and relocated to the DC area to work with clients like the White House, the National Science Foundation and the National Gallery of Art.

However, after working 15 years in the government, private and nonprofit sectors, Iles realized that she was missing something essential from her creative process. The artist – who in addition to painting also loves photography, calligraphy, drawing and printmaking – missed working with physical materials. Iles also missed the actual tactile experience obtained from creating fine art.

A few years ago, she decided to trade in her computer screen for her paintbrush, and currently dedicates all her time to creating fine art.

“So much of your environment goes into the work, so you surround yourself with the things you love the most,” said Iles.

Most of Iles’ work is rooted in Abstract Expressionism, and she practices similar painting styles (splash, stain, throw, drip, etc.) to the era’s artists.

The pieces in “Multiverse” are abstract, mixed media paintings that consist primarily of alkyd paint, oil sticks, paper, graphite pencil, charcoal, china markers and wax.

“Personally for me it is not about the final piece, but the process,” said Iles. “The creative process is as important as the art itself.”

Vastu is located at 1829 14th Street, NW; hours for viewing “Multiverse” are Monday through Saturday, 11 am until 7pm and Sunday, noon until 5 pm.

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Rachel Nania