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2014 SwatchRoom Salon Emerging Artist: Leah Appel

Photography is going to be well represented at ArtSee's Swatchroom Salon and photographer Leah Appel is showing her pension for colorful, graphic, saturated photographs that play with shot balance and depth of field.

Appel loves taking advantage of all the government supported art institutions in DC.

The latest show she visited that inspired her was at the National Portrait Gallery. The exhibition "American Cool" was adored by Appel, "I loved it! I loved seeing all the original photos that you see in magazines and in books but up close. You can really see how masterfully each one is printed by the worlds greatest photographers. So many great iconic photographs".

Appel also likes to visit the National Gallery of Art and the Corcoran. Some of Appel's favorite smaller galleries around the city are Transformer and Hillyer Art Space. 

Appel is also very excited to see works from other local artists at the Salon Party and works in different mediums. "I love seeing what artists in the DC area are working on and coming up with creatively. I get inspired by seeing artwork of all kinds". 

See what Leah Appel is all about on her website

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