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The 25 Project: Kate Warren Kicks It Off

In honor of the 25th Anniversary of DCAC (District of Columbia Arts Center), No Kings Collective and 25 amazing, local artists will bring together the 25 Project. The project will celebrate this milestone and the artists that make the DCAC possible.

The first artist in the project will be Kate Warren, otherwise known as GoKateShoot.  Kate has been a staple on the DC art scene not only as a unique artist but as the go to photographer for some of our greatest publications, blogs, and more! In line with the 25 Project, we did a little Q&A with Kate to help kick things off.

You’ve work with No Kings Collective before… What’s that like? What keeps you working with them?

I've worked with No Kings Collective on their last several projects, and find it completely creatively energizing each time. At the Water Street Project I produced the WW Club, a sold out menswear style speakeasy event with whiskey tasting and burlesque. I've also created small murals, fashion video installations, and had my photography featured in their exhibitions. We're friends, but more importantly they work harder than almost anyone else I know to build the city in which we want to live - that's what keeps me coming back. Their ability to hustle on a dozen projects at once is astounding, and I owe a lot of my own commitment to creative hustle to them. 

What can we expect to see of your work with Project 25?

I err on the deeply personal side when I exhibit my work, so I'll be showing a short series of medium format film photographs that illustrate intimate commonalities in quiet Sunday mornings.  Made with a wieldy, indiscrete Mamiya RZ67 medium format film camera, the act of taking the photo disrupts the delicate moments it seeks it capture, creating a layer of voyeuristic tension within the images. 

What made you interested in this opportunity? 

DCAC gave Peter and Brandon their first start in the arts in DC when they offered to showcase their stunning project, "The Document" several years ago. Since this show is a fundraiser for them, I wanted to pay it forward and help the people who helped the people who helped me. 

Are there any other artists that you are excited to be participating with? 

All of them - the mix of established and emerging artists creates an amazing energy to the show. 

Sweet potato pie... really? Why? 

I'm from Vermont and love fall - sweet potato pie is warm comfort food. I'm ready to hole up and make art all winter, and need just the right food to do it!

For more information on the 25 Project, visit their website here.  And for more information on Kate Warren, visit her website here.

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