ian sklarsky

Sklarsky comes to DC at Vastu on 14th St

THIS THURSDAY, Vastu will open its’ doors for the work of New York based artist, Ian Sklarsky.  The 14th St NW establishment rotates the emerging artists on its’ walls monthly, curated by resident artist, Brian Petro. The show will run through December 8 and on October 17, Sklarsky will be at Vastu to meet visitors and draw original blind contour drawings for guests at the low price of just $95. The solo show will feature Sklarsky’s signature blind contour drawings, a method in which the artist draws a line and with minimal glances at the paper.

Sklarsky, a New York based artist, says that he pursues the method of blind contour “because of the ways it captures the essence of my subject.” Really focusing on the subject at hand is a huge part of his process, not being concerned about anything else around him.  Part of what makes his work so interesting is the intrigue of how he got from point A to point B with just one line and how he creates a cohesive image using that line. Visitors will get to see this first hand at the opening.

Brian Petro, curator, says that he selected Sklarsky’s work “because of his artwork, concept, uniqueness, process, vision, and drive!”  Petro has been curating the space for the last few years and strives to incorporate artists from all over the world. Vastu is committed to supporting emerging art and reserves them for that purpose. The spaces hosts approximately six shows per year.

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