This Weekend: It's Guna Be (a wet) May

In case you feel like getting wet this weekend for the good of art... 

1. Contemporary Wing opens Friends with Benefits on SATURDAY from  6-8 pm [link]
2. First FRIDAY in Dupont at Hillyer, Studio Gallery and more! [link]
3. Fiction @ The Fridge opens SATURDAY from 7- 10 pm [link]
4. And interested in making the hike up Wisconsin? The Georgetown Spring Season Art Walk in FRIDAY from 6-8 pm [link]
5. Oh and as an added bonus... Let's funky on down @ the Funk Parade this Saturday May 3 [link and photo credit]

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Don’t Shoot Me: Fine Art and Photography with Pamela Viola

 Brighten your workplace, brighten your walls, and brighten your day. The high resolution and vibrant photographs of landscapes and iconic DC structures that grace the walls of Sotheby’s International Reality’s Chevy Chase office shot by Pamela Viola do just that.

My first introduction to Pamela was her show at the Hillyer Art Space in September, where she debuted her new take on abstract photography and innovative use of technology in Having a Ball. To prep for my interview I explored her blog where the ‘about me’ touted Viola as “a photographer and fine artist working in the Washington DC area specializing in fine art photography for corporate, hospitality, health care and residential collectors.” To me, there seemed to be something dissonant about this description and her work. It was time to dig underneath the two titles of ‘fine artist’ and ‘photographer’ and reconcile the pair.

Pamela Viola, a classically trained photographer, has seen herself constantly evolving and adapting her style to combine new techniques and technologies. Viola does not desire to compose, point, shoot, and then edit. She sees the photograph as a “starting point” and this is what propels her into the realm of the elusive ‘visual artist’.We see this pseudo rebellion even in Viola’s more classic photographs of iconic buildings. The artist expressed that she has always been passionate about architecture and tends to capture the lines and shapes that may be less recognizable parts of an attraction but are essential to the form as a whole. Viola has also found great success in printing on different substrates, such as aluminum and Japanese Washi paper. Developing images on aluminum has the effect of refreshing old landmarks and exposes the crisp, airy, light filled depth that resides in them.

Moving into the abstract is where Pamela Viola seems to be at her current peak in terms of ingenuity and inspiration. Having a Ball was composited completely on an iPad and developed on Japanese Washi paper with cold wax applied after printing. The resulting images can no longer be called photographs and were a truly fantastic new form of artist expression. My first impression of these images was Hokusai prints and antique wallpapers; an interesting combination that proves Viola’s exceptional layering and love of technology.

While photographers can sometimes see a backlash from peers and critics for embracing digital outlets, no one will stop this artist from manipulating images on her iPhone. Viola has found that you can challenge and improve yourself with new technology and sees her camera as a tool to create with, not capture, a mere paintbrush versus the entire canvas.

I am certainly looking forward to what Pamela Viola will produce in the future and a recent trip to India has already sparked the creative process and made for some beautiful fresh work capturing the movement, chaos, beauty, depth, and warmth of the country.

 Many thanks to Pamela Viola for sitting down with ArtSee, see more from the artist here.

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 Mica Hartman 

First Friday: Spring has Sprung Edition

With the the weather projected to be in the 60's this Friday we are pumped for a night out on the town. Here at ArtSee we are excited to see Dupont Circle First Friday's blossoming in the DC arts community with fresh events and galleries each month. In one convenient post we have compiled a list of all the exhibitions opening this Friday, April 4th for you to check out. 

Alex Gallery

Alex Gallery will feature two local artists, exhibiting from April 2 – April 30, 2014. 
These exhibitions include Nancy Angulo: Reflections in Oil and Bronze; and Germain Bonifacio: A View from Argentina. Come take a look during the First Friday Reception from 6:30-8:00.

Foundry Gallery

The Foundry Gallery will feature local artist Judy Golbert Levey and her show ”Double Takes,” showing from April 2 through April 27, 2014. It is a show of large, vivid paintings and the small studies that inspired them. Opening Reception 6:00-8:00 

Hillyer Art Space 

First Friday Reception from 6:00-9:00 featuring "It's All About Me" by Michael Havneraas, "Change Of Place" by Kimberly Parr Roenigk, and "Cities in the Air" by Everitt Clark. Exhibitions will run until April 26th.  

Q Street Fine Arts

This spring Q Street Fine Art will feature local artist Fabiano Amin at their Dupont Circle location.  For the First Friday retrospective Fabiano Amin will exhibit the various phases of his work from 2008 to date. The retrospective show will run from April through the end of May with hours open to the public. The opening reception is from 5:00-9:00

Studio Gallery

Studio Gallery will feature a solo show and a duo show from April 2 through April 26, 2014 in their newly renovated Dupont Circle space. The upstairs gallery will feature Eleanor Kotlarik WangFloating Worlds. The downstairs gallery will feature Amy B. DavisLines, and Freda Lee-McCannAn Old Journey Revisited. Opening reception from 6:00-8:00. 

Then stop on by at ArtJamz for their First Friday specials. Click here for more information. 

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Mica Hartman  

December First Friday Preview

This week is the month’s first Friday and a multitude of local galleries are taking the opportunity to hold opening receptions for new exhibitions and social events. Here are a few places that are worth a stop on your First Friday Art Walk.

Out of the way from the usual walk but, the Torpedo Factory will be hosting it’s Holiday Open House 2013 from 6:30-9:00. The event is free with food and drink being served along with seasonal music. The event is a great opportunity to see interesting art and also pick up some one-of-a-kind pieces for your friends and family. For More information check out ArtSee’s Events Calendar.

Go to the Hillyer Art Space for the opening reception of their new December artists: Sherry Zvares Sanabria, Annie Farrar, and Elizabeth Holtry. The artists will be present at Hillyer along with live music by DJ Fusion. The December artist include Sherry Zvares Sanabria, a DC native, whose show "The Corrections: Prisons and Mental Hospitals," in which she captures the haunting heritage that is trapped inside historical buildings. To review all the shows at Hillyer click here

 Join the Touchstone Gallery for the opening reception of “Deck the Walls” featuring affordable art of all shapes and materials along with the opening of "INTERPLAY" by Georgia Nassikas and “The 28th Century: The Work of Charles E. Meissner.”  The exhibition of work by Charles E. Meissner is hosted by Art Enables, an inspiring non-profit art studio in D.C. devoted to adult artsits with disabilities, and the Touchstone Foundation for the Arts, a tax-exempt foundation fostered by Touchstone Gallery Artists to support emerging, local artists. For more information visit the Touchstone Gallery

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Mica Hartman

All That Glitters: Chandi Kelley Presents Nature's Understated Opulence

This month, Hillyer Art Space is embracing FotoWeek by featuring three phenomenal local photographers. The gallery has been thoughtfully curated to display the incredible range found in the art of photography, the three artists showing are Chandi Kelley, D.B. Stovall, and Pamela H. Viola. Upon entering the gallery you are hit with Stovall’s intensely saturated Americana landscapes in A Slower Way of Seeing: Photographs of the American Vernacular, the viewer is then transferred to an airy, spacious room featuring Kelley’s Unnatural Histories that contrast Stovall’s bold, colorful images.  The member-curated space presents Having a Ball, Viola’s playful, refreshing take on photography, borrowing ideas from Japanese prints and Islamic geometric patterns.

In Unnatural Histories, photographer Chandi Kelley uses gold leaf to highlight the intricate details in simple natural objects. The objects’ bright, crisp colors are highlighted by the gold and carry a new sense of luminosity. Kelley says her goal is to “manipulate these objects until they become relics of a false natural history, teetering on a line between the familiar and the unfamiliar”. Kelly brings us earthly materials in a luxurious way, with rich shades and large-format layouts that allow the item to capture the entire frame.  Aureate, Gilded Rose, and Pebble (as meteor) are three standout pieces that are captivating and display Kelley’s sense of restraint in her gold application. In these works, Kelley creates a delicate balance between rustic and sumptuous goods. In Aureate, she chooses to photograph a log on a wood-grained table. It is a risk to photograph the wood-on-wood but Kelley uses the juxtaposition between the similar, yet different, materials and effectively emphasizes the beauty of the imperfect log. Unnatural Histories is an exploration of nature that is beautiful, striking, and thought provoking. Careful placement of a few gold overlays inspires the viewer to open their eyes to the hidden treasures that create our environment.

To see more from Chandi Kelley visit http://chandikelley.virb.com/

Don’t Miss Artist’s Talks with D.B. Stovall and Pamela H. Viola this Thursday, November 7th from 7:00-9:00 PM at Hillyer.

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Mica Hartman 

Hillyer's Calls For Submission

Hillyer Art Space
invites artists to submit to its current Open Call for Artists for the 2014-2015 exhibition season. We pride ourselves in exhibiting talented artists working in all media and subject matter.  Hillyer presents monthly exhibitions and each accepted artist is given a room in our three room gallery space to present their work. Accepted artists also benefit from our Mentorship Program, where our highly qualified Artist Advisory Committee work individually with each artist to help them prepare their exhibitions and establish themselves in the DC arts community. Artists are chosen by the Artist Advisory Committee and will be notified of selection in February 2014.