3 Places to Find Great Art in DC: Saturday September 14


Highlighting the intersection between art and economics through artist-run art subscription programs.  The very thing that ArtSee supports and stands for is artists finding ways to support, marketing and make a business out of their art!  DC is no stranger to artist driven non-profit initiatives that incorporate and support the art community, but this show has DC nowhere to be seen.  This show will highlight the work created through the artreprenuers of artist-driven organizations that use art to communicate their message from all over the US.  Transformer will explore how these pieces stand alone as works of art and how they invoke the groups, artists and networks that they represent. Don’t miss the opening from 6:00 – 8:00 PM!

Featured Artists Include: Alula Editions (Bay Area, CA), Art Practical Mail Art Subscription (San Francisco, CA), Community Supported Art Chicago, Community Supported Art Philadelphia, Community Supported Art Minneapolis, The Drop/NOLA (New Orleans), The Present Group (Bay Area, CA),Regional Relationships (Chicago), and The Thing Quarterly (San Francisco, CA).

(featured photo courtesy of Transformer: Eric Fleischauer, Universal Paramount, archival inkjet print, 2011) 

Project 4

I love a great solo show by an amazing local DC artist! Project 4’s show featuring artist Christine Gray, Believer, gives viewers a look into a distorted view of reality.  The artist is set on intentionally letting our minds wander to a place where we are meant to creative the narrative.  Gray has mastered the still life in a modern way to juxtaposition unique objects in unlikely places.  The arrangement and composition of her work challenge the traditional meaning of everyday objects.

What really makes Gray’s work shine is her intense, accurate and colorful details.  Her attention to detail really makes these obscure scenes come to life.  Her show at Project 4 runs through October 26 and opens on Saturday from 6:00 – 8:30 PM. For more on Christine Gray visit her website and see her work at Project 4. 

17th St Festival

This Saturday, 17th St will be taken over with art, entertainment, food and more!  In its’ 4th year, the festival is one of DC’s best ways to discover local culture, food, shopping, and ART! This year there will be over 20 individual artists displaying and selling their pieces throughout the festival.  One of our favorites Indigo Wakatama will be there and display some of her amazing prints and original pieces. In addition, Michael Auger, RADICArt and the Washington Studio will show pieces. For the complete list of participants visit the website. 

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