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5 artists inspired by our great country that should make you PUMPED for the 4th of July! #america 

Brian Petro

Pamela Viola 

Lillis Werder

Bhaval Shah Bell

Mike Weber

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Photo Credit: Each artist (Cover Photo: Fabiano Amin)

Retrofitting the Retrospective

Everything about artist Fabiano Amin's new show at Q Street Fine Art is slightly different from the typical gallery opening. First, the venue is primarily a residence. The gallery director Barbara Bennett has transformed part of the beautiful historic townhouse into a functioning gallery space reminiscent of the days of parisian salon parties. The show has been deemed a "Retrospective Approach," the second contrary piece of the event. Brazilian born, emerging DC artist Fabiano Amin has been creating for a mere six years, which pales in comparison to the career of many other artists. Fortunately, ArtSee and Amin got to the bottom of all the "retrospective" funny business over cappuccinos just in time for the hanging and opening of the show. 

When asked why do a Respective show? Fabiano said frankly "why not?" The artist expressed that he wasn't afraid to show his learning process and development over the years. The variance in the work is striking and does a great job of displaying various techniques, even ones that were more primitive and less successful than others. Another revelation that we both discovered after this writer shared her favorite pieces was that different artistic phases will speak to different viewers. A show of mixed paintings from the past and present is a very thoughtful idea on part of both the artist and the curator. A piece sitting in the back of  Amin's studio such as the work "Crystaleira I" which spoke to this interviewer could have remained tucked away with a stack of other paintings from 2010 in oder to make way for Amin's abundance of new abstractions. 

This began a discussion about Fabiano's style and what  he tries to elicit from the observer. Again, the artist's response was simple, "I want people to desire to touch my work and start a conversation". This answer, while succinct, does allude to the emotions that Amin's paintings stir up. The paintings can, at first, seem to be a chaotic collaboration of colors and textures but continual staring, ruminating, maybe even touching,  if you're lucky, will reveal the depth in the paintings. The layered brightness stirs up the ideas of motion, music, the Brazilian spirit, and other impressions locked in Fabiano Amin's work. 

When looking to the future, Amin is excited and motivated. As an artist, his desire  to continue to add new elements to his work seems ceaseless. Amin has experimented with alcohol, newspaper, and even seeds! He has begun to notice that his canvases are getting increasingly heavier with the additional items and also more intriguing as he uses bottles, corks, and other everyday objects as stamps to build patterns. Fabiano Amin has the drive to expand and his name will definitely grow outside his DC base.

ArtSee can't wait to attend Fabiano's show at Q Street Fine Art, with its First Friday opening from 6:00-8:00. Also check out prints of six of Amin's beautifully vibrant works that have been selected as part of the Art On the Wall Project, Crystal City. His works will be displayed for five years on Crystal Drive (1400 Block across from the Crown Plaza) in Crystal City, VA. 
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First Friday: Spring has Sprung Edition

With the the weather projected to be in the 60's this Friday we are pumped for a night out on the town. Here at ArtSee we are excited to see Dupont Circle First Friday's blossoming in the DC arts community with fresh events and galleries each month. In one convenient post we have compiled a list of all the exhibitions opening this Friday, April 4th for you to check out. 

Alex Gallery

Alex Gallery will feature two local artists, exhibiting from April 2 – April 30, 2014. 
These exhibitions include Nancy Angulo: Reflections in Oil and Bronze; and Germain Bonifacio: A View from Argentina. Come take a look during the First Friday Reception from 6:30-8:00.

Foundry Gallery

The Foundry Gallery will feature local artist Judy Golbert Levey and her show ”Double Takes,” showing from April 2 through April 27, 2014. It is a show of large, vivid paintings and the small studies that inspired them. Opening Reception 6:00-8:00 

Hillyer Art Space 

First Friday Reception from 6:00-9:00 featuring "It's All About Me" by Michael Havneraas, "Change Of Place" by Kimberly Parr Roenigk, and "Cities in the Air" by Everitt Clark. Exhibitions will run until April 26th.  

Q Street Fine Arts

This spring Q Street Fine Art will feature local artist Fabiano Amin at their Dupont Circle location.  For the First Friday retrospective Fabiano Amin will exhibit the various phases of his work from 2008 to date. The retrospective show will run from April through the end of May with hours open to the public. The opening reception is from 5:00-9:00

Studio Gallery

Studio Gallery will feature a solo show and a duo show from April 2 through April 26, 2014 in their newly renovated Dupont Circle space. The upstairs gallery will feature Eleanor Kotlarik WangFloating Worlds. The downstairs gallery will feature Amy B. DavisLines, and Freda Lee-McCannAn Old Journey Revisited. Opening reception from 6:00-8:00. 

Then stop on by at ArtJamz for their First Friday specials. Click here for more information. 

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25+ Local Artists, from Painters and Photographers to Woodworkers and Potters, will be featured during this DC Art Extravaganza

As you know from our recent posts... Our partners at SwatchRoom, the new Shaw-based creative design and fabrication studio, will host its first annual three-day SwatchRoom Salon Party March 7th through March 9th. Curated by ArtSee, an art event services agency, and hosted by Hierarchy, the newest event space by DC’s No Kings Collective, the celebration will showcase more than 35 local artists during three distinct events. The Salon Party will be accessible to all levels of art enthusiast, beginning with a showcase of affordable work from emerging artists and culminating in a private event featuring new collections from some of DC’s most sought-after artists.

Attendees must purchase tickets to the Friday and Saturday evening events on eventbrite, here: SwatchRoomsalon2014.eventbrite.com

And the complete 2014 “SwatchRoom Salon Party” Schedule of Events is...  

FRIDAY, March 7th: Introducing DC’s Best Emerging Artists
TIME: 7pm – 12am
LOCATION: Hierarchy, 1841 Columbia Road, NW

To kickoff the Salon Party, a grouping of DC’s greatest emerging artists will be featured on Friday night. Each artist will display their latest work across all mediums: painting, photography, printmaking and more.

Artists will include:

Fabiano Amin
Leah Appel
Carolyn Becker
Amy Hughes Braden
Patrick Burns
Ellie Deneroff
Dominique Fierro
Jeremy Flick
Barb Januszkiewicz
Donna K. McGee
Cory Oberbndorfer
Brian Petro
Cristina Steadman
Radio Sebastian
Fawna Xiao

SATURDAY, MARCH 8th: Celebrating the District’s Favorite Artists
TIME: 7pm – 12am
LOCATION: Hierarchy, 1841 Columbia Road, NW

On Saturday night, collectors will have a preview to some of their favorite artists’ and designer’s newest collections. Attendees will also enjoy live painting, music, performances, and break dancing.

Artists will include:

Gregg Deal - paintings
Kate Warren- photography
Martin Swift - paintings
Jeremy Flick - paintings
Maggie O'Neill -paintings and home goods
Cory Orbendorfer - paintings
Karen Suderman - paintings
Chris Cooley - pottery
Dominique Fierro -photography
Sophie Blake - jewelry
Allison Priebe Brooks (aka Queen Bee Designs)
James Kerns - furniture and lighting
Tariq Tucker - paintings
Carbon Vintage - furniture
McNamara Designs - furniture

We hope to see you there! 

2014 SwatchRoom Salon Emerging Artist: Fabiano Amin

Brazilian artist Fabiano Amin gave  ArtSee a rich interview filled with lots of insight into the mind of an artist. Amin creates very layered, colorful, textured works, inspired by movement found in water, dance and music.  

The last show that Amin visited that inspired him was here in DC at the Phillips Collection. "Repetitions" by Van Gogh excited Amin because the viewer is given the chance to see the same object evolve and develop over a series of paintings. When not visiting galleries in DC, Amin loves to see art in New York City both in and out of art galleries. Amin emphasized that observing what was new around the city itself and seeing the fast paced movement on the streets of NYC makes his "head spin" with new ideas and visions.  

Transitioning to Amin's work process and studio life, Amin shared that the most invaluable item in his studio is his work table. At this point in his career, his work table has been so splashed and splattered with paint that it is beginning to turn into a unique piece of art. Amin's favorite color is blue, and this is pretty evident in his body of work.

Why blue? Fabian says, "I'm Brazilian... I love to 'play' with blues, all the shades of blue, I think  unconsciously it takes me back to Brasil, to the beach scene where I grew up". After learning that one of Amin's preferred colors to work with was blue it was not surprising to learn  that his favorite artist is Pablo Picasso. Amin is all about duality so he not only appreciates Picasso's work but also the style in which Picasso lived his life.

Amin succinctly summed up that he loves Picasso because he never stopped creating and his work is complex and a bit controversial. Amin also pointed out that Picasso was very successful in his field, continuing the theme that hard work and dedication will yield great results. 

Amin is ecstatic about the upcoming Salon Party and told us  "I like any place/event that is related with art! More art out, more views , more involved. Great art and a good cause together is even better! Project Soar is an mazing cause I like the idea to have more - organized alternative spaces for art in DC!" 

Take a peek out at Fabiano Amin's work here.

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Mica Hartman

Art @ Paolo’s: Emily Lane and Judy Giuliani

With the second show of the fall, Art @ Paolo’s will continue its mission to present local, emerging artists at its Georgetown location. The upcoming show will feature the works of two local artists, Emily Lane and Judy Giuliani. Paolo’s will open the doors to welcome guests of the artists and the public to view their work on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 from 6:00 – 8 :00 PM at the restaurant (1303 Wisconsin Ave, NW), happy hour menu available from 7:00 – 8:00 PM in the reception area.

A graduate from Rhode Island School of Design in graphic design, allows artist Emily Lane to see the canvas as a blank slate for a composition or design.  In this series, titled Underwater Explorations, Lane works in her mixed-media paintings of acrylic, paper, gel, oil and pastel.  The series explores all that there is under the sea and the mystical world that Lane imagines; the landscape, the creatures and their life.

To compliment Lane’s underwater world, Judy Giuliani creates works that are the intersection of reality and the imagined. She has the unique idea that each viewer will see what he or she wants to see in a painting, but she strives to find that point where they may have an emotional connection to the piece.  Giuliani says that “the painting I begin and the painting I complete are rarely the same painting,” as she changes each canvas to a colorful world of her own.

Paolo’s exhibits local art on a quarterly basis. Fabiano Amin is the coordinator of Art @ Paolo’s, exhibitions that rotate quarterly featuring local, emerging artists. He enjoys finding new artists to exhibit that bring the Georgetown restaurant to life.  

For more information on the show or to schedule an interview with an artist or Art @ Paolo’s, contact media@artseedc.com.

For more infomration on Art @ Paolo’s follow on facebook here.

For more information on Emily Lane click here

For more information on Judy Giuliani click here

Fabiano Amin and M. Jane Johnson Take the Walls of Paolo’s

This fall Paolo’s of Georgetown will bring two of ArtSee’s favorite artists to its’ walls.  The restaurant has been showing local art FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS and the current show includes the vibrant work of Fabiano Amin and M. Jane Johnson. On September 10, 2013, Paolo’s will host an opening reception for the artists from 6:00 – 8:00 PM - happy hour menu available from 7:00 – 8:00 PM in the reception area. This will be the first joint show for these two incredible artists at Paolo’s!

Johnson - Spring Storm

Fabiano Amin is a Brazilian born, D.C. transplant (represented by Zenith Gallery) who has actively worked the local art scene for the past couple of years.  The work at Paolo’s will showcase his exploration of texture, color, rich layers and shape and ability to create a strong series of landscapes. We absolutely love the richness of his colors and how his pieces instantly command a room. “I let the power of colors in my work speak for itself,” says Fabiano Amin.

To compliment Amin’s work, M. Jane Johnson will present her latest work. Born and raised in Florida, Johnson has been living and working in the Washington, DC area since her days in school.  She enjoys drawing, painting and the use of vibrant color.  Jane is a very physical painter who works the canvas by pouring, throwing and dripping paint and boldly scribbling lines. Her use of color and collage creates a visceral depth we truly appreciate.

We look forward to this opening and hope to see you there! 

Bringing the Art in DC to You, 

Elizabeth Grazioli

Petro + Amin: Dynamic Duo Takes on 14th

Unless you're a newbie to the DC arts scene, there's no way you don't know who Brian Petro and Fabiano Amin are. With two thriving individual careers, both artists attacked the scene years ago and have created a colorful, energetic and hyperactive buzz ever since. 

Petro, a self-proclaimed "'gimme more, gimme more', kind of guy" jumps and juggles multiple mediums at any one given time, from photography to polymer transfer monoprints to painting with molten beeswax and hand crushed coal in an effort to achieve the layered multimedia effect that's his distinctive signature. For Petro, the passion that drives his creation is really just, above all, a deep rooted curiosity to break things down and build them back up again. And take one look at his "amerICONIC" collection or the aptly named "miscellaneous" series and you'll see exactly what we mean.

Pisa Grenade, 20x20

Fabiano on the other hand is a born and raised Brazilian, and while he doesn't have Petro's American-bred ADD, he has the mind of a sophisticate coupled with a touch that can only be garnered in the heated craziness of the tropics. His focus is almost entirely on abstract works, and we're thankful for that targeted interest since he probably wouldn't be making such highly coveted pieces without it. Acrylic can be an amateur's medium, but Fabiano's hold on the thick stuff is undeniable. His work is filled with emotion and grace, allowing the colors and contours to take over rather than the specific nature of a narrative. While his work is much different than Petro's, the two are completely complimentary. And that's why we're writing this post.

On July 18th, the Fathom Gallery on 14th street will be hosting the opening of "Brian Petro/Fabiano Amin", and if you couldn't tell from our description of the two, we literally could not be more excited. Both artists will have a number of works on display, and to top it all off Paolo's of Georgetown is catering the affair. To snatch a space for free, RSVP to their Eventbrite here. And of course we'll be there shmoozing with the two and instagraming the whole thing, so if you catch a glimpse of us from ArtSee come on over and say hi!

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