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This Weekend: Spring Into Art

So since May starts next week and it's Spring... Right? Here are 5 things to help you Spring Into Art...

1. TONIGHT - Next to Last featuring Corcoran art students at WPA opens from 
2. Just when we thought it was warmer... Shiver opens on FRIDAY night at 7 pm
3. Amateur Status with Transformer and the DC Library Foundation on SATURDAY from 2-4 pm 
4. Back to School - AU opens their student show FREESPACE featuring our very own Shira Karsen on SATURDAY at 6 pm
5. Annnd we celebrated Earth Day this week with 5 local artists - CHECK THEM OUT! 

Photo Credit: Georgia Nassikas

Bringing the Art in DC to You,


This Weekend: The Bunny Hop

5 things that might get you out into the semi-spring weather this weekend hopping around the city: 

1. TONIGHT: The Tourist of Saints launch part at Malmaison from 6-9 
2. For "Ghosted" at Delicious Spectacle it's CLOSING TIME - Reception from 7-9 pm on Friday 
3. SHRED the solo exhibition of Matthew Curran opens at Hierarchy Saturday 7-12 
4. ARTIST TALK - Fade 2 Grey: Androgyny in Eighties Popular Music with Adrian Loving at Vivid Solutions Saturday from 2-4 pm
5. But don't get caught doing this over the weekend... 

Banksy 'Mobile Lovers'
Bringing the Art in DC to You,