Looking for great local, affordable and generally awesome photography? Look no further…

Last Wednesday night, DCist launched their 6th annual photography show Exposed at Longview Gallery.  I snuck in a little late but just in time to enjoy the awesome photography that was selected this year by local, emerging photographers.  The music and flowing beverages helped too!

This year there were some stellar standouts in the crowd; among them were Ryan Maxwell, Markus Krisetya, Henry Throop and Ivan Sciupac.  Each of these pieces really stood out to me for several reasons, their color, content and angle of each image really stuck.  Ryan Maxwell’s Prepare for Liftoff is not immediately recognizable by any means and really takes you a minute to figure out what he is depicted where as Henry Throop’s Weathering the Storm is just simply beautiful and slightly ironic considering the lack of snow this year in our fair city.  Also, chosen as the cover image for this year’s guide to Exposed, Ivan Sciupac’s Stairway to Lincoln just grabs you from the minute you see it with a blue sky so beautiful that you wish you had been outside with him the day it was taken (or could at least bottle the color for a rainy day).  My personal favorite however? Drum roll please… Markus Krisetya’s Untitled of our infamous President Lincoln bobble head, known best for beating Teddy Roosevelt at every home Nationals game, descending the lengthy escalator of one of our metro stations – wonderful image!

Although I selected all of the cliché DC pieces here there were so many that really stood out! I suggest stopping by Longview any time before April 1 when Exposed closes to take a peak and every piece is reasonably priced around $175 so definitely bring your wallets!

Bringing the Art in DC to You,


PS – Tonight at Longview join them for a panel discussion sponsored by Pink Line Project with distinguished DC artists and patrons to learn about collecting photography. 

PPS – this year’s program is available in addition to the 5-year anniversary additionfrom last year – together just $30!