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Retrofitting the Retrospective

Everything about artist Fabiano Amin's new show at Q Street Fine Art is slightly different from the typical gallery opening. First, the venue is primarily a residence. The gallery director Barbara Bennett has transformed part of the beautiful historic townhouse into a functioning gallery space reminiscent of the days of parisian salon parties. The show has been deemed a "Retrospective Approach," the second contrary piece of the event. Brazilian born, emerging DC artist Fabiano Amin has been creating for a mere six years, which pales in comparison to the career of many other artists. Fortunately, ArtSee and Amin got to the bottom of all the "retrospective" funny business over cappuccinos just in time for the hanging and opening of the show. 

When asked why do a Respective show? Fabiano said frankly "why not?" The artist expressed that he wasn't afraid to show his learning process and development over the years. The variance in the work is striking and does a great job of displaying various techniques, even ones that were more primitive and less successful than others. Another revelation that we both discovered after this writer shared her favorite pieces was that different artistic phases will speak to different viewers. A show of mixed paintings from the past and present is a very thoughtful idea on part of both the artist and the curator. A piece sitting in the back of  Amin's studio such as the work "Crystaleira I" which spoke to this interviewer could have remained tucked away with a stack of other paintings from 2010 in oder to make way for Amin's abundance of new abstractions. 

This began a discussion about Fabiano's style and what  he tries to elicit from the observer. Again, the artist's response was simple, "I want people to desire to touch my work and start a conversation". This answer, while succinct, does allude to the emotions that Amin's paintings stir up. The paintings can, at first, seem to be a chaotic collaboration of colors and textures but continual staring, ruminating, maybe even touching,  if you're lucky, will reveal the depth in the paintings. The layered brightness stirs up the ideas of motion, music, the Brazilian spirit, and other impressions locked in Fabiano Amin's work. 

When looking to the future, Amin is excited and motivated. As an artist, his desire  to continue to add new elements to his work seems ceaseless. Amin has experimented with alcohol, newspaper, and even seeds! He has begun to notice that his canvases are getting increasingly heavier with the additional items and also more intriguing as he uses bottles, corks, and other everyday objects as stamps to build patterns. Fabiano Amin has the drive to expand and his name will definitely grow outside his DC base.

ArtSee can't wait to attend Fabiano's show at Q Street Fine Art, with its First Friday opening from 6:00-8:00. Also check out prints of six of Amin's beautifully vibrant works that have been selected as part of the Art On the Wall Project, Crystal City. His works will be displayed for five years on Crystal Drive (1400 Block across from the Crown Plaza) in Crystal City, VA. 
Bringing the Art in DC to You, 

Mica Hartman