#CollectorChat: 9 Tips to Starting Your Art Collection

To get ready for our #CollectorChat on Monday, here are 9 Tips to Starting Your Art Collection from The Artinista, Sharon Burton: 

1. Buy art because you like it, and because it moves you. Do not buy art because it matches your sofa or your boyfriend likes it. Remember, you have to live with it, not anyone else. Buying art just for decoration may lead you to owning pieces that you no longer like.

2. Establish a Budget!  How much do you want to spend on art this year?  Remember, original art tends to be more expensive than the poster stuff, so make sure you can realistically be able to spend the money on what you may like.

3.  Hire an art advisor or consultant who can help you navigate the art market and find artwork that you like and is considered a good investment.

4. Visit as many art galleries as possible. Gallery staff can be helpful guides in your art education. Ask questions about the art that interests you and specifically about the artist. Is the artist local or national? What is the medium (oil, acrylic, etc.) the artist uses to create the work?  Get on their email and mailing lists so you’ll be invited to openings and special events.

5. Visit and join your local art museums and nonprofit art centers. Curators and seasoned collectors often give lectures on art collecting.

6.  Attend national art expos and art fairs whenever possible. Don’t forget the local art festivals as well. Some very talented artists may live in your neighborhood.

7.  If you do know art collectors, talk to them and find out what they know and what they've learned about collecting.

8.  Read reviews by local and national art critics. Keep in mind that reviews usually reflect only one person’s opinion.

9.  Read art books and subscribe to a few art magazines


We look forward to chatting with everyone on Monday from 8-9 PM at the #CollectorChat with @theartinista @petalwithmavis and @liveunchained! 

Bringing the Art in DC to You,