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Social Media 101: How an Artist can Succeed!

In case you missed some of our tips on how to use social media... Here they are again:

  1. Using social media for marketing is an ongoing process. Stay dedicated and people will pay attention! 
  2. It isn't necessary to sign up for all social media platforms. Pick 1 or 2 and be consistent with them - find the one that works best for you! 
  3. Like and follow your favorite galleries, publication, events, and organizations to stay up to date on trends, events, and how you can connect with them.
  4. Just because people aren't commenting, liking, sharing doesn’t mean they aren’t paying attention.
  5. Be yourself online! Show followers who you are as a person and as an artist. you are unique!
  6. Separate your personal and professional profiles. Often these lines can be blurred but use a separate account for your artwork. 
  7. Be respectful of other people's thoughts, comments, & opinions. Like it? Tell them. Otherwise, maybe keep it to yourself - unless it's constructive! 
  8. Promote yourself & your work like crazy. This doesn't mean bombard people 24/7, this just means that YOU should be using YOUR social media to promote YOUR work! 
  9. Friend and follow people who you think would make great professional contacts and then stay connected and up to date with them. 
  10. Are you posting at the right time of day? Gauge the times when you post to ensure the maximum amount of views - check here

In the coming weeks we will dig deeper on specifics of social media and how it can be used most effectively. Stay tuned... 

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Promote Yourself! 5 quick tips for artists

Recently I have had the opportunity to share my tips and tricks with local artists on the best way to promote yourself as an artist. Over the past 3 years ArtSee has worked with over a dozen local, emerging and established artists on how to best market their work.  Here I have compiled 5 steps to marketing yourself as an artist.
1.     Make a Plan:  
For every artist having a plan and goals is necessary. Most of the artists that we work with are those that have a plan and they work with ArtSee to help execute that plan. Know what you are trying to achieve and how you hope to do this. A “plan” in this case could start as easily as setting a goal for yourself "I want to be in 2 group shows this year." Then, once you have set these goals, make a plan of how you want to execute them. What goes in to being a part of two group shows? Submissions, installation, marketing, news coverage, etc. We recommend that every artist have a plan for getting the greatest exposure possible for their artwork and any show. May your plan is a little more person and you just want to “create 1 cohesive body of work with 12 strong pieces.” Who are you going to get to critique your work? What is your concept? 

2.     Show, Show, Show: 
This doesn't mean that every artist will have a solo show in the first 5 minutes (or even 5 years) of their career, but try! You would be surprised how many artists just think that the opportunity for the public to see their work will come to them. They're wrong! Showing your work is THE POINT of creating it! Wether it is a group show, a solo show, a fair, a competition, or hanging in a restaurant, your work is being seen; and that's the point. If you don't get these opportunities, then create them for yourself! Find a space, select a body of work and create your own show. The more people that see your the more feedback, sales and inquiries you will receive. 

3.     Don’t Go Green Yet:
When it comes to marketing social media, websites, e-blasts etc. are great (don't worry we'll get there), but don't under estimate a good old fashion print piece. For every show that I have done with ArtSee or my of our clients, we still produce a printed version of the artists information and works list. Why? Because this is a tangible item that someone who might be interested can take with them to remember you by. So, while the rest of the world goes green, focus on putting together a nice postcard, works list, catalogue or flier. 

4.     The Internet is Your Friend:
In a time when everyone is online 24/7 the internet is a real time, real way, to promote your artwork. Through your own website, general art auction and purchasing sites and social media, the opportunities are endless. However, CAUTION, do not over use the internet. You don’t want people to get tired of seeing your work. Your website should really be a portfolio, the best of your work, and information that people need to understand you as an artist. In most instances, this is the first that people will see of you. As for social media (stay tuned for a future post on this), but don’t post every 5 minutes on every platform, that doesn’t do anything! Post things that are relevant and new information. Using the internet is the fastest way to share information and images of your - it is your friend! 

5.     Communication:
Communication is the key! Be sure to send regular invitations to all buyers and potential buyers on your database. Notify them of all events in which you are taking part and any new releases that might be of interest to them. Don’t have buyers? Update people that you know that are interested in your work. Let people know when are where they can see your work, what has changed in your studio practice and invite them to see the work in person. I often work with artists to create simple e-newsletters to share information with buyers, family and friends about everything going on the immediate past and future in their art world. This is a great way to stay in touch without bombarding people with information constantly. Use in person and email communication equally. Some people don’t have the time to make it to artist studios but they still might be interested in seeing your work from time to time - take advantage of that! Communication is KEY!! 

Stay tuned for tips and thoughts about how to best share your artwork with the WORLD! 

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Why social media is an artist’s best friend... How to market your portfolio online (and kick ass while doing it)!

Now, more than ever, it’s up to independent artists to learn how to market themselves through the wonderful world of the interwebs. Whether you’re a journalist, a painter, a sculptor, a musician, or any other creative professional, it’s up to you to get your name out there and to get your work seen/heard by the masses!

How are you going to do that? Through utilizing these essential online resources.

Your website

Your website is going to be your most powerful tool. All of your work needs to be linked back to the website you create – aka to the brand you work so hard to build online! This is your online home where people will find your social media sites, samples of your work, your contact information, and a little bit of personal info about you!

It’s super important to have your own domain name for your website, too. A customized domain name like is 10x better than a non-customized domain name such as Keep that in mind when starting up your online portfolio… it’s definitely worth the investment.

I use BlueHost to host my website…(they also have an awesome affiliate program if you’re interested in monetizing your new site)! Think about purchasing your own domain name, and then do a simple Wordpress install to get your portfolio rockin’ online! I make it super easy for you to get started in this step-by-step guide to creating your own website.

Niche platforms:

While the big guys such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are certainly going to be a huge help to you, which I’ll cover in a minute, don’t overlook the importance of joining in with your niche networks – platforms that cater specifically to artists such as yourself! ArtSlant and deviantART are some of the big players in the social art market, and of course, ArtSee

ArtSee is going to be HUGELY beneficial for the local aspect to your online marketing. This community of artists is intended to help you discover, exchange, and promote art in your local city, and you’ll encounter new faces and new friends in your particular art scene through local events and venues. They offer an array of promo services to and often feature artists, so it’s worth looking into to help get your name out there! It’s also fun (and helpful) to build a network  like this – you never know what can happen, who you’ll meet, where you’ll find inspiration, and what opportunities will come your way.

“Traditional” Social media

Once you’ve got your website set up, you’ve joined the ArtSee community, and your portfolio is ready to share with the world, we gotta help people find you online! This is going to happen in a number of ways:

1.     By continuously creating great content – photos, videos, links, blogs

2.     By connecting with fans on social sites – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube… pick your poison. The only thing worse than being on TOO many social sites is being on none at all. The big social media platforms are all free – so use them to your advantage!

Some marketers suggest sticking to no more than 5 social platforms, or else it becomes impossible to manage and can actually be counterproductive. I think that’s a good rule of thumb! However, you may find that you only want to use 3 or 4. Find where your audience is hanging out, and stick to those core sites. And if you can’t… Let ArtSee help you!

A note about Facebook: While promoting your work on your personal Facebook page is important, it’s going to help you a TON if you also create a brand page for your work. Your personal page is only going to be found by friends and family, a brand page can be found by perfect strangers just waaaittting to be inspired by your art! Create a brand page, update it regularly, and connect with your fans!

Don’t forget to join the ArtSee community on Facebook! If you have any social media marketing questions along the way to stardom, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email at any time or contact ArtSee about their services.

As Jeff Goins says, “being an artist means to be generous.” So be generous, and help the non-artistically talented folks (like myself), find your work online! We’d love to see it, and we’d love to share it.

-Jessie Spielvogel, Split Aces Media

Photo Credit: Jessie Spielvogel and LVK Photography