Wil Scott

We have arrived! ArtSee in DC’s Launch Reception!

This Saturday, July 16th, all artists and arts enthusiasts are invited to a launch exhibit to welcome DC’s newest fine arts community.  ArtSee is celebrating its first art exhibit with a cocktail reception and raffle for a photograph of the Washington DC landscape by Brad Kehr.


The focal point of the evening, however, will be the work on display of three fantastic artists: painters Kristin Lubsen and Blair Sutton, and photographer Wil Scott.


Kristin’s vibrant, figurative paintings focus on the interactions between her subjects, and reflect on seemingly intimate moments in today’s society that is perpetually “connected,” yet paradoxically suffers from emotional detachment. Her images can be both familiar and haunting in her ability to capture the psychological tension in relationships.



Wil Scott, a DC photographer, uses effects of light, rich colors, and composition to achieve stunning photographs of different landscapes and architecture from his travels around the world and the local DC backdrop. In his own words, Scott captures the “complexity, contradictions, and fleeting beauty” that can be found in the natural world; scenes we see every day, from a new perspective or through a “new lens,” so to speak.


Blair Sutton uses vibrant colors and experiments with different media to achieve bold and unexpected textures resulting in vivid abstracted imagery full of movement and life. Her work and specifically her experimentation with pigments and how they play off of each other or work together can vary from the playful, to the serene and contemplative.


This should be a great party and exhibition to celebrate the ArtSee in DC launch! We’ll look forward to posting photos from the event next week.