Capitol Skyline Hotel and Lounge

The Confidence Booster

Dates: July 1 – Sunday, July 28, 2013 Location: Capitol Skyline Hotel Lounge, 10 I (eye) Street SW, Washington, DC 20024

Strut down the red carpet of the current hothouse installation organized by WPA at the Capital Skyline Hotel, and you’ll find yourself a participant of The Confidence Booster. A series of twelve rectangular mirrors, as designed by Angelo Tirambulo, impose lyrics from popular rap songs onto the reflection of the viewer. A recent design and photography graduate of MICA, Tirambulo focuses his interests in good music, decadent food, and trending topics in popular culture. Typographically appealing from the text-on-mirror design, the confidence emanating from the catchy pop-culture verses encourages the viewer to look in the mirror when read through the lines. This participation challenges the impacts of societal influences on issues of self image and the qualities valued by consumerism. The exhibition layers the spectacle of pop culture with Tirambulo’s affinity for graphics and keenness for public interest.

If you aren’t taken with the vanity the experience cultivates, you can be sure you’ll start singing along to the recognizable lyrics by featured artists Chris Brown, Drake, Nelly and other familiar names with the full songs pumping in the background of the show. Look into the mirrors and assimilate the verse or check for things between your teeth, either way, the confidence booster should leave you on a positive note. Extending across the Skyline’s lounge wall, a pattern of black and white circles and hendecagrams (that’s an eleven-sided star) continues the confident boosting phrases. The wallpaper of “The Confidence Booster “ patterns superficial phrases like “I Am Hot Stuff” and “Take my picture” which satirically compliments the quotes on the mirrors. The instillation of red carpet, neutral wallpaper backdrop, and shiny surfaces serves as a picture perfect spot to “strike a pose” and let your inner star shine.


Don’t forget to #theconfidencebooster of your confidence bearing photo completing the cycle of the spectacle.


Bringing the art in DC to you,

Megan Patrylak