SUPERNOVA: Out of This World

Public dancing? Spoken word outside the metro? A backpack functioning as a portable gallery? Oh my…. either the loony’s are in town or it’s time for SUPERNOVA Performance Arts Festival.  SUPERNOVA, Rosslyn’s performance art festival, consists of over 75 wild n’ crazy emerging and established live artists doing their thing on the streets of Rosslyn, Virginia. For three full days, the whole corporate culture of Virginia’s business district will be umm…turned upside down?...with living sculptures, artsy stoop-chillers and the like.

But here at ArtSee, amongst the mass of organized flash mobs, we’ve managed to pick out one very special artist we can’t seem to ignore. His name is Patrick McDonough, and mark our words, if you don’t know about him soon you certainty will (his first solo exhibition is at American University this coming September). While he has a wide and varying practice, his most recent venture is called “White Turf Painting Actions” and is done by tediously painting large swaths of open grass with white turf paint. The idea is so complex it’s simple; the nostalgia we associate with something looking like snow, even when we logically know it’s summer, and the notion that the wrong place at the right time can become a breeding ground for thought-provoking art.


SUPERNOVA, A Rosslyn Arts Project, is a free festival and will be taking place from 8am on June 7th through night on June 9th. For more information on SUPERNOVA go to and for more information on Patrick McDonough check out his resume at

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