Sundays With ArtSee: ArtSeeDC Hosts Celeste Chen at Tryst

This past Sunday, ArtSee hosted its third event in the featured series, Sundays With ArtSee at Tryst in Adams Morgan. As guests filed in to the packed coffeehouse, local artist, Celeste Chen, joined Elizabeth Grazioli, founder and chief executive officer of ArtSee, in welcoming everyone to the open event.

Chen, who is currently pursuing a degree in studio art and neurobiology at Georgetown University, showcased 13 paintings that will remain on display through April 3, 2012.

Chen’s most recent work, which includes drawings and paintings, investigates the interaction between environment and self in the deconstruction and recreation of self-image. Her work reflects her journey of maturation with themes of identity, self-discovery and internal and external conflict.

In addition to displaying her art on traditional media, Chen highlighted a piece that was painted on a less traditional media: wood.

“I am really experimenting with different materials and media now,” said Chen, who combines a variety of materials, such as acrylics and spray-paint, in her paintings. 

“There is something so organic about painting on something living, like wood,” said Chen. “It’s like I am feeding it.”

Sundays With ArtSee is a series of events that promote local art, artists and discussion. For more information on future events in the series, visit or email