Petro + Amin: Dynamic Duo Takes on 14th

Unless you're a newbie to the DC arts scene, there's no way you don't know who Brian Petro and Fabiano Amin are. With two thriving individual careers, both artists attacked the scene years ago and have created a colorful, energetic and hyperactive buzz ever since. 

Petro, a self-proclaimed "'gimme more, gimme more', kind of guy" jumps and juggles multiple mediums at any one given time, from photography to polymer transfer monoprints to painting with molten beeswax and hand crushed coal in an effort to achieve the layered multimedia effect that's his distinctive signature. For Petro, the passion that drives his creation is really just, above all, a deep rooted curiosity to break things down and build them back up again. And take one look at his "amerICONIC" collection or the aptly named "miscellaneous" series and you'll see exactly what we mean.

Pisa Grenade, 20x20

Fabiano on the other hand is a born and raised Brazilian, and while he doesn't have Petro's American-bred ADD, he has the mind of a sophisticate coupled with a touch that can only be garnered in the heated craziness of the tropics. His focus is almost entirely on abstract works, and we're thankful for that targeted interest since he probably wouldn't be making such highly coveted pieces without it. Acrylic can be an amateur's medium, but Fabiano's hold on the thick stuff is undeniable. His work is filled with emotion and grace, allowing the colors and contours to take over rather than the specific nature of a narrative. While his work is much different than Petro's, the two are completely complimentary. And that's why we're writing this post.

On July 18th, the Fathom Gallery on 14th street will be hosting the opening of "Brian Petro/Fabiano Amin", and if you couldn't tell from our description of the two, we literally could not be more excited. Both artists will have a number of works on display, and to top it all off Paolo's of Georgetown is catering the affair. To snatch a space for free, RSVP to their Eventbrite here. And of course we'll be there shmoozing with the two and instagraming the whole thing, so if you catch a glimpse of us from ArtSee come on over and say hi!

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