Next Artist Showcase: July 11 at Local 16 ft. Tonette Griffin

ArtSee is hosting its second artist showcase of the season at Local 16 this Wednesday, July 11. 

Throughout the evening, local artist, Tonette Griffin, will showcase her latest work from her two series, “Womanhood” and “Wanderlust.”

A recent graduate of the Corcoran College of Art and Design, Griffin explores identity, self-perception and youth culture through her photography and print work.

“Photography has always been a vessel of expression for me,” said Griffin.  “I am heavily inspired by human experiences. Pieces in my latest series are based on the notions of perception, identity, and sentience. I focus on formulating a grasp of myself within certain environments and the transitions that occur during that time.”

The showcase will begin at 6 pm and go until 8 pm. Local 16 is located at 1602 U Street, NW. More information is available on the ArtSee Facebook page