Getting Intimate: Lisa Marie Thalhammer’s Current Exhibiton at the Fridge

Saturday, February 2nd, Lisa Marie Thalhammer opened at the Fridge. Lisa Marie’s current exhibition is not just a collection of beautiful art, but also a social statement. Her art portrays the quest for equality regardless of sexual or gender identity.

            If you have not yet checked out the Fridge, it is a unique gallery and quite worth the trip. Lisa Marie’s art filled the space in an engaging and elegant manner. It encouraged the viewer to walk through and explore each piece. Featured were several larger paintings of women, the backgrounds were beautiful rich with colors and texture. The faces and bodies of each subject were elegantly painted. Lisa Marie used immaculate techniques to create skins tones that enhanced with blues and greens, each subject seemed alive, as if present in the room with the viewer.

            As I walked by each painting I was led by graphic prints, small lines colored into one thick line with all the colors of the rainbows. These pieces had the creative title of “Rainbow Network” added with their number in the series. Upon reading this title, I began to think of what a network was, one definition is “the interconnected group.” Lisa Marie has not only created a literal network of lines in this art, but apiece reflecting the bonds of the LGBTQ community.

            In the open space of the Fridge gallery, Lisa Marie’s art takes up the space in a welcoming and inspiring manner.  As Shauna J Miller, Senior Arts Editor at the Washington Post, eloquently states: “Lisa Marie’s portraits are too hot to freeze anything. They have pulses and heartbeats. Their subjects – with giant eyes, elongated limbs, bared breasts  - exaggerate themselves just enough to tell their story to the viewer: These are our bodies, our sexuality, our connectedness at this moment.” To read more on the subject and discover more of Lisa Marie’s work check out her webpage click here, and next time you’re in the neighborhood check out the Fridge located in the rear alley of 8th Street.


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