D's Nails: Proving Manicures can be Art

            If you are in search of a funky unique atmosphere that is sure to engage, then you must check out the Fridge Art Gallery. It’s one of a kind, tucked in a back alley way near Eastern Market. On Saturday, November third, local artist Decoy had her show D’s Nails opened at the gallery.

            Walking into the gallery space, the vibe was energetic and youthful. Decoy’s art is a mixture of medias and has a technique that is one-of-a-kind. Upon the walls were large painting and gel transfers on wood. The wood was layered to create the silhouettes. There were four different designs on the walls; two were the silhouettes of women, another two hands spelling D.C., and lastly ten fingernails. The style has a cartoon aspect, yet it is also very whimsical.

When coming through the door into the Fridge, one wall was covered with large pieces of wood cut to the shape of human nails, each nail was roughly a foot wide and painted with one of Decoy’s personal nail designs. In front of this piece, a small table is set up with two chairs. Decoy plans on painting nails for anyone interested in having a spunky and never before seen manicure. Each Saturday of November Decoy will be at the fridge painting nails from 11-4 p.m. for $30.

Nail art is not something that is often seen in galleries. So, I was curious and asked Decoy what inspired her to do manicures. She discussed how up until recently she had a nail biting issue. She doubted that she would ever be able to stop biting her nails, and therefore she’d never get to have her nails painted in bright colors. However, one day she decided to stop her bad habit. Decoy says the confidences of successfully ending this habit gave her confidence in other areas of her life.

 Not just is there art related to nail art, Decoy includes depictions of herself as well as a girl that she works with in a community center in Sursum Corda, one of D.C.’s most underprivileged neighborhoods. Talking with Decoy about the work she does, is such a joy. She is an inspirational woman who works hard to influence the world. The girl depicted in one of Decoy’s large wooden silhouettes, is someone that it is apparent that Decoy cares deeply about. Recently, she started making hair bows with the children at the center, the children seem to love the projects. Decoy smiled as she reminisced on how one of the children refers to it as “the bow company.” Decoy is helping revive D.C. and inspire the youth with art. In fact, you can find some of these bows on sale at the gallery.

So, if you find yourself near Eastern Market or in search of a personalized manicure, D’s Nail is the show to check out at the Fridge. Decoy’s work will leave you with a sense of whimsy and optimism. For more information and schedule of events click here.

Bringing the Art in DC to You,