Discovering Art and Art History: Garth Fry aand ArtSee DC

What does a print maker do when he moves cross country without his beloved studio? Garth Fry faced this predicament when he traveled from California to Virginia. Without a full studio immediately available he began to examine his materials in order to determine a new course for his work. Inspired by the graphic look of printmaking, Fry created sculptural images of intricately torn, glued, and rolled paper, a material usually more comfortable taking a background role.

I imagine it’s an isolated, time-consuming experience to meticulously coil bits of paper for hours on end and that the practice would elicit such emotions and energies as patience, frustration, eagerness, and delight (and quite possibly rage when your fingers get stuck in the glue and rip the paper, or is that just me?). The three-dimensional images of flowers, spirals, and landscapes of tightly wound coils are charged with the artist’s process of creating them. I enjoyed looking at them in the changing light as well as the shadows and light fell across each desolate sculptural landscape. Fry titles the works JadedSprig of Doubt, and Memories which further connect the emotions expressed throughout the creative process. Fry delivers a body of work that is both relatable and attractive. 

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