On Sunday Nov 18th we’re opening the doors of the ArtJamz Dupont Studio to enable local artists to showcase and sell their artworks.

ArtJamz is usually known for letting anyone come and unleash their inner artist, but on Sunday, November 18th, it will host an Artz Bazaar at its ArtJamz Dupont Studio (1742 Connecticut Ave, NW Washington DC 20009) in order to showcase the works of local professional artists.

“ArtJamz is more than just painting and drinking, we’re here to support the Washington DC metro arts scene,” said Chief Creative Enabler Michael M Clements.  “We feel we can do that by giving select local artists a chance to showcase and sell their work at our Dupont Studio.”

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ArtSee Sunday at Veritas Wine Bar November 13th

ArtSee will showcase the work of Kate Boone on November 13, 2011. This month, ArtSee Sunday is being held in Dupont Circle at Veritas Wine Bar on Florida Avenue.

Boone, a Washington D.C. native, says her inspiration comes from cityscapes, as can be seen with her ability to turn decaying cement landscapes into though-provoking imagery. In her own words, “I really like dirty, grungy places. I like the rawness of the streets and love to capture what people usually look as unwanted and show that at least someone finds it endearing. ”

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Artsee Comes to Veritas Wine Bar

ArtSee comes to Veritas Wine Bar at their north of Dupont Circle location on Sunday, November 13. You know you were already looking for an excuse to drink wine in a pretty spot, so check out some art while you are at it.

ArtSee is a promotional agency, but we can still recommend the event because I feel fine about their mission of connecting local artists to their community. The works of Kate Boone will be exhibited and the event is from 5 to 7 pm.

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TTR Sotheby's welcomes Brian Petro art series (Photos)

TTR Sotheby’s International Realty in Chevy Chase, Maryland welcomes the art of Brian Petro in an exhibit of two series: “Roman Series” and “Supermarket Series.”

The vast differences in style, composition, and themes between the two exhibits demonstrate Petro’s versatility and wide range of artistic inspiration.

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TTR Sotheby's and Brian Petro

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Last night, TTR Sotheby's hosted a reception with ArtSee to welcome Brian Petro and his artwork into their chic Chevy Chase offices. ArtSee provides DC-based artists a platform and opportunities to showcase their work, and connecting Brian Petro's bold Supermarket Series and Roman Series with the artsy friends of TTR Sotheby's was a winning combination.

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Happy Hour Gets Cultural At This Artist Showcase

We've already learned the tricks of the trade when it comes to art collecting, so now it's time to get out there and explore. For those of us who are a little weary of fully immersing ourselves into the still-somewhat-unknown universe of contemporary artists, local org ArtSee is helping us out. They've teamed up with popular watering hole Local 16 to put on monthly artist showcases, which is designed to introduce emerging creatives to culture-hungry Washingtonians.

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Discovering Art and Art History: Garth Fry aand ArtSee DC

What does a print maker do when he moves cross country without his beloved studio? Garth Fry faced this predicament when he traveled from California to Virginia. Without a full studio immediately available he began to examine his materials in order to determine a new course for his work. Inspired by the graphic look of printmaking, Fry created sculptural images of intricately torn, glued, and rolled paper, a material usually more comfortable taking a background role.

I imagine it’s an isolated, time-consuming experience to meticulously coil bits of paper for hours on end and that the practice would elicit such emotions and energies as patience, frustration, eagerness, and delight (and quite possibly rage when your fingers get stuck in the glue and rip the paper, or is that just me?). The three-dimensional images of flowers, spirals, and landscapes of tightly wound coils are charged with the artist’s process of creating them. I enjoyed looking at them in the changing light as well as the shadows and light fell across each desolate sculptural landscape. Fry titles the works JadedSprig of Doubt, and Memories which further connect the emotions expressed throughout the creative process. Fry delivers a body of work that is both relatable and attractive. 

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Garth Fry

True to its name, U Street’s Local 16 is a neighborhood restaurant focused on sourcing from, and serving, the local community. And this coming Wednesday is no different… Only, instead of local food, Local 16 will showcase local art.

On June 6, join Local 16 and ArtSeeDC, a District-based business that promotes local artists, for a happy hour to celebrate the work of DC artist, Garth Fry. The happy hour for Garth Fry is from 6 to 8 pm. For more information, visit the ArtSeeDC website.

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ArtSee hosting at Tryst

ArtSee DC is hosting its third event in its featured series, Sundays With ArtSee, on Sunday, March 25th at Tryst in Adams Morgan from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.

Local artist, Celeste Chen, is the featured artist. Boston-born Chen is currently a studio art and neurobiology student at Georgetown University. She focuses on depicting moments of transition and inner turmoil, deconstructing and recreating self-images through from and color.

Sundays With ArtSee is free and open to the public. For more information on Sunday’s event click here.

Tryst Coffeehouse is located at 249 18th Street, NW.

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TTR Sotheby's Presents Joel D'Orazio

This March, TTR Sotheby’s (TTRSIR) will open the doors of its newest office on 14th St NW to feature a local D.C. artist, Joel D’Orazio. The show, which opens on Saturday, March 3, 2012, will be on display for six weeks ending on April 14, 2012. (Photo by: Joel D'Orazio) Dancing Red The Sotheby’s brand has a long-standing relationship with the art world and with this initiative the Sotheby’s branch only hopes to strengthen its ties to the local art scene. As an avid supporter of the D.C. art scene, TTRSIR most recently sponsored the Corcoran’s NOW at Night this past fall. They hope that this featured artist initiative will only strengthen that connection and provide new opportunities for local artists. 

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ArtSee at Craft2Wear show this weekend

This weekend, ArtSee, D.C.’s newest fine arts community will attend the annual Craft2Wear, a show and sale of wearable art at The National Building Museum.  Almost six months ago, ArtSee set out on its mission to give artists and art enthusiasts of Washington D.C. a chance to discover, exchange and promote art.  The Craft2Wear, representing the finest of American wearable-craft artists, shares the values and core principles of ArtSee.

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ArtSee DC launches Saturday at Hillyer Art Space

Meet ArtSee, D.C.’s newest fine arts community at a reception and exhibit this Saturday at Hillyer Art Space. The brainchild of founder and CEO Elizabeth Grazioli, ArtSee was inspired by her three great loves: public relations, event planning, and art. Telling The Georgetown Dish, “I want to make the world of art accessible in a simple and affordable way.”

A platform for artists and art enthusiasts to discover, exchange and promote art in the city where they live, ArtSee launches this month in Washington, and opens soon in Philadelphia and New York.

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