Carolyn Becker at Tabula Rasa: Petite Chic

With an opening reception on November 7, 2013, Tabula Rasa presents the work of Carolyn Becker in conjunction with a performance art piece with Eames Armstrong. The exhibition will run through November 25, 2013. The unique space lends itself perfectly to a non-traditional gallery. Carolyn Becker, the fifth artist in the exhibition series, was chosen for her unique works that focus on color and exploration of fashion and female body image.

Becker works in multiple mediums including paintings, prints and drawings and uses the subject matter of self-portraiture, college, and women’s desinger fashion. She places a heavy emphasis on her love of designer fashion and vintage fashion and the way in which color and pattern play a role. Scale and body image are also critical to Becker’s work.

For the opening, Becker will join forces with DC’s performance art guru, Eames Armstrong. The pair will stage a performance art piece contending with frustrations about one’s body as it related to fashion and public commentary about personal physical characteristics. Becker says that she is  really excited to be working with Eames again on another performance piece; we have collaborated numerous times at events like Lumen8Anacostia and Soapbox at the Hillyer Art Space. I am especially excited about the piece we will perform at the opening because not only does it fuse our common interests in performance art, but also in fashion, and how facets of fashion can influence behaviors.”

For more information on Carolyn Becker, visit her website here. And for more information on the show, click here

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