Brookland Creative: Meet the Creatives Part 2

Here are MORE of the fantastic artists that we are featuring in our Brookland Creative event this THURSDAY! Join us at Brookland Creative... More to come! 

M. Jane Johnson 
Johnson - Spring Storm
M. Jane Johnson loved to draw from the time she was a very little girl curled up on the sofa watching TV with her parents. She was encouraged to draw and paint and started taking private painting lessons from Mrs. Edwards, a local Jacksonville, FLA portrait painter, studying oil painting. 

Bhaval Shah Bell 
Of Indian ethnicity, Bhaval was born in Kenya where she lived until 19.She has since lived in England, travelled extensively, and now resides in the US. Through her own multicultural background, Bhaval knows that individuals relate powerfully to maps of places that are important to them. Bhaval also has a science education, influences of which can be seen in the clean lines and precise sharp edges of her designs. She enjoys using specific data, such as levels of elevation, within her artwork.

Margret Kroyer

A child of the land where glaciers meet roaring volcanoes and the planet´s roughest seas, Margrét´s artistic expression reflects her Northern Icelandic origins and strengths. The fierce power of this harsh country at the Arctic Circle is brought to life in Margrét´s dynamic brush strokes, creating an entirely
new reality based on the pure energy of life, with deep complexity, and a special sense of beauty. Margrét paints with her heart and soul.

Michael Crossett

My recent work has focused on the neighborhoods of DC. As DC continues to transform, I am drawn to contrast of historic and contemporary architecture and design, commercialism, and the energy that surrounds me. In a way, I am my own architect by creating new structures which juxtapose photography and found images with with relevant and most ofter commercial symbols and icons. They shouldn’t always go together but do—one of the reasons I love graffiti. If it wasn’t illegal, I’d be doing it all the time. 

Cristina Steadman
Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 9.29.49 PM
“I really enjoy black and white and simple clean photos.” Cristina’s experience in photography has given her an exceptional eye for design. A Washington DC native, Cristina has spent most of her career in design and merchandising. Cristina studied and worked in NYC before moving back to the Washington area to settle down and start a family. Cristina’s true love is in photography. She spends most of her free time shooting and editing photos.

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