2014 SwatchRoom Salon Emerging Artist: Radio Sebastian

Radio Sebastian is the pseudonym for collaborative work done by Corwin Levi and Yumiko Blackwell. Their work is prolific and ranges from drawings to paintings, videos, sculpture and installation. Radio Sebastian's pieces are intricate and play with lines, vectors and textures. It's clear from the joint responses given by both artists that their creative minds are extremely in sync. 

There is a great sense of play and humor in Radio Sebastian's work and this sense of curiosity and joy was definitely felt when they answered a few questions for ArtSee. 

ArtSee: What's the last show that you saw that inspired you?
Radio Sebastian: We saw Gerco de Ruijter's CROPS at the Hirshhorn, with a soundtrack by Michel Banabila, that continues to dwell in the part of our memories devoted to amazing. Although we watched the piece in its entirety several times, the immensity of even five seconds of the work hit you immediately as these “found” photos combined into a whole, in collaboration, to speak to something much larger than the physical dimensions the room occupied. 

AS: What's the most indispensable item in your studio?
RS: The most productive activity we do in the studio is think and the item that most aids that thinking is a large cup of coffee (black for Corwin, with cream for Yumi). 

AS: Let's mix it up, what is your favorite food?
RS: Our favorite food is pie. Savory pie, sweet pie, shared pie, personal pie, pie in the rain, pie on a train. Although pie has not been literally represented in our art yet, it is really only a matter of time. We also had a pie-themed wedding.

AS: Sounds like a scrumptious dream wedding. I hope you have visited Dangerously Delicious Pies. Back to business, what are you most excited for at the Salon Party? 
RS: Anytime you bring design, artwork, and performance together you have the potential for wonderful and amazing things to happen. When you throw in an emphasis on collaboration and giving back to the community, you attract a set of people who cannot help but facilitate wonder.

Get a taste of Radio Sebastian here

The SwatchRoom Salon is a three-day celebration of local and emerging artists, designers, and collaborations and giving back. 

Bringing the Art in DC to You,

Mica Hartman