2014 SwatchRoom Salon Emerging Artist: PJ Burns

Patrick James "PJ" Burns is probably best know for his American flag mixed media pieces that incorporate newspaper, acrylic paint and polymer resin. the materials Burns uses evokes a textured worn quality to his pieces.

Where Burns is most innovative is in is his creation of the pseudo new art category that he deems "antique pop." Antique pop is the perfect name  for these unique works that take our perceived notion of bright happy pop art prints, such as those by Andy Warhol, and turn them on their head to show the gritty side of popular culture. 

Burns shared that his favorite place to experience art was on the street and this directly corresponds to his linecut prints that are almost graffiti like in nature. This interest in  the colorful and unexpected may have influenced Burns to get his beloved Chameleon, Chameleo Estevez, who is the most valuable item in Burns' studio.

Reflecting on his muse Burns said. "he changes color a lot and is always hanging around with an interesting look on his face. Sometimes its nice to just sit around and watch him for awhile. It helps clear my head and relax." 

At ArtSee we like to examine how artists feel about collecting the work of others and thoughts and feelings on selling their own work. For Burns, the form of art collection he most enjoys is when he gets to trade his work with other artists. In congruence with this discussion, Burns had some succinct and pretty awesome advice to dole out to new artists:

Grind and hustle. No one is gonna help you so its up to you make it happen. Grind and hustle. 

Burns is looking forward to meeting other artists at the Salon Party and (of course) enjoying some wine. 

Explore the world of antique pop at www.pjbworks.com.

The SwatchRoom Salon is a three-day celebration of local and emerging artists, designers, and collaborations and giving back. 

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Mica Hartman