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ArtSee launches Saturday at Hillyer Art Space, The Georgetown Dish, 07.14.11

ArtSee Sunday at Veritas Wine Bar November 13th, The Georgetown Dish, 11.12.11

Sunday with ArtSee, The Georgetown Dish, 11.15.11

ArtSee Sunday at Tryst, The Georgetown Dish, 03.21.12

An ArtSee Wish List, Panda Head Newsletter, 12.02.12

ArtSee Raises the Stakes in D.C. Art Scene,, 03.26.13

ArtSee at Tabula Rasa, Brightest Young Things, 08.27.13

Presents Emerging Artist Piper Grosswendt at Tabula Rasa, East City Art, 05.01.13

Thriving in the DC Arts, The DC Ladies, 06.13.13

ArtSee Present Leah Appel at Tabula Rasa, East City Art, 07.11.13

cove Hosts Art Reception Featuring Art Activist and Painter Barbara Januszkiewiz, DC Style is Real, 04.23.15

In The Galleries, Washington Post, 05.01.15 (All We Art)

All We Art 'New Analog Site' Exhibit, The Georgetown Dish, 05.21.15 (All We Art)

cove Hosts Reception Featuring Local Artist Meg Biram, DC Style is Real, 06.03.15

The Millennial Commune, The New York Times, 07.31.15 (Enigma Of New York)

In The Galleries, Washington Post, 08.08.15 (Barbara Januszkiewicz)